Undercover Black Friday Deals

Last Updated Nov 25, 2019

When it comes to Black Friday, most people think of braving the huge crowds lined up outside Target, Walmart, and the other retail giants.

But we’ve got news for them. The best Black Friday deals aren’t just at the big box stores. In fact, if you look a little off the beaten path, you can score some great deals on quality merchandise without having to fight the crowds.

Black Friday is coming up quick on Nov 29th. Most big box stores have already announced their Black Friday deals, so many of the people who love to go out and shop on Black Friday will have made plans for which stores are most important for them to visit. You see, traditionally, most people rush to the big box stores to either wait in line for doorbusters or they stay at home and shop their websites as soon as sales are active to get the best deals.

Because the vast majority of people will be focused on the larger stores, that can leave deals up for grabs at the smaller retailers. And the deals are likely to be just as good, too, because more and more retailers are taking advantage of the Black Friday season to offer better than usual discounts!

That means this is the perfect time to shop for great deals at more unique stores and websites. Don't get caught up in the Black Friday madness with the out of control crowds and items that go out of stock before you even get a chance to put them in your cart. Instead, shop smarter.

We’ve listed some select merchants below who are offering great savings if you know where to look. Why get tricked into buying an off-brand item at a big discount store when these merchants deliver quality year-round and can meet all your shopping list needs while staying inside your budget?

Here are some reasons why you should shop smaller and corresponding examples to help you do just that.

Best Places To Avoid The Crowds

Because most people rush to big box stores for doorbusters, small to medium retailers tend to get overlooked, so there are fewer crowds to fight.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals - it’s just that they may not appeal to the masses. If you’re not interested in the generic big box doorbusters, start your shopping at some of these stores to avoid the crowds.


Missguided offers apparel, footwear, and accessories for the on-trend young woman. With Black Friday deals of 50% off of dresses and 50% off of tops you can get chic on the cheap at Missguided!


If you’re looking for the top brands in footwear for men, women, and children, then Journeys should definitely be on your list. Their Black Friday 2019 deals aren’t live just yet, but in the past, they’ve had shoes like Timberlands, TOMS, Madden, Sorel, and North Face starting at just $29.99. You can probably expect something similar this year, so be on the lookout for that!


With coats, suits, sweaters, and more, British retailer Topman has all the latest in fashionable menswear. They’re already offering smaller discounts, but they’re keeping the best deals for Black Friday. Last year, this included up to 50% off everything in store, so take a peek now and save big later!

Best Places To Find Awesome Items In Stock

Most doorbusters at big box stores have an incredibly low price on a very limited quantity of items. These insane deals are typically there just to get people in the door to buy other things. After all, once they’re lured you in with a promise of a super-cheap TV or toaster, you’ll probably stay a while and shop for other things - even if you missed out on the big deal. Some of the stores below are technically big box stores, but they don’t subscribe to that philosophy, so their best deals typically won’t run out of stock.

Sam’s Club

With sixteen pages’ worth of great deals, Sam’s Club looks like it will be a real winner this Black Friday. (You can see Sam's Club Black Friday deals now!) Best of all, they keep their products mostly stocked in bulk so they’re much less likely to run out of stock, even on their best deals.

Old Navy

The fun starts early at this popular clothing mega-retailer - they open at 3pm Thanksgiving day! Also, the Old Navy Black Friday sale is storewide, so their inventory should be pretty plentiful. This is great, because Old Navy will be offering 50% off on just about everything - and they’ll have even deeper discounts on some items - like just a dollar for a pair of cozy socks! Is that a perfect stocking stuffer or what?

Verizon Wireless

If you have a teen on your list (or really anyone who needs to upgrade to a new phone), you’re in luck! Verizon has Black Friday deals on the latest iPhones and the Google Pixel3, plus Fitbits, digital assistant devices and more. Best of all, phones typically won’t run out of stock, and you can order online or in-store. (Even if a phone is out of stock, they’ll still honor the deal - you might just have to wait a little longer to get your phone delivered.)

Best Places To Avoid Cheap Off-Brands

A lot of retailers use cheaply-made, off-brand TVs, slow cookers, jewelry and other products as doorbusters. These somewhat deceptively attractive prices make people forget that this is also a great time to stock up on products from the brands they already know and love. When you go with the retailers below, you can usually get all of the previously mentioned advantages (no big crowds, less change of running out of stock) plus you’ll be getting top quality products that you already trust for a low price.


This classic company founded in 1889 sells work clothing and outdoor apparel that lasts. They’ve got pages and pages of great name-brand items on sale including coats, work boots, gloves and much, much more. Carhartt is a trusted place to find quality gift items that will be enjoyed for years.


If you or your kids want a backpack that will last all school year long, there are two ways to get a good deal on Jansport. Jansport’s website should have Black Friday deals of their own, of course. If you need a gift today, you can also get a deal on Jansport in-store with one of its several resellers. Staples will be offering 50% off select styles of Jansport backpacks on Black Friday!


Premium women's and girls' sportswear retailer Athleta already offers great prices and discounts throughout the year, but the last few years, they’ve been running a sitewide 20% off discount and they’re likely to do it again this year. Much like their sister company OId Navy, Athleta is unlikely to run out of stock except on clearance items that are already heavily discounted. Want to check for any additional last minute Black Friday deals? Check out this Athleta Black Friday page - that’s where they’ll have the best prices on apparel for yoga, running, and more.

With all these undercover Black Friday deals to choose from, your Black Friday is sure to fly by.

Keep your eye on these little guy and you’ll save time, money, and stress. Best of all, you might get every wish on your list handled in one day so you won’t even need to brave the crowds at the big stores!

Happy shopping, and happy savings!

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